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Cool PDF Reader

View, print, extract, crop, and convert PDF files
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Cool PDF Reader allows you to open, view, and perform some basic editing functions on your PDF files. This free utility can rotate, zoom in and out, crop, and export your PDF files into various image file formats. It can also extract the text of any PDF document and save it as a TXT file, provided that no Optical Character Recognition is needed for that task.

Being a free tool, it is hard to be too critical with it. However, being Adobe Reader also a free tool and therefore its main competitor in this field, it is difficult to avoid comparing the two. Cool PDF Reader is certainly a cool tool, at least as far as simplicity of use and functionality goes. It opens any PDF file, just like Adobe Reader does. It rotates the pages, just like Adobe Reader does. It converts your PDFs into sets of BMP, TIFF, JPG, or GIF images (among other formats), just like Adobe Reader... doesn't. It will neither check the spelling of the document, nor offer you advanced navigation capabilities, nor allow you to add accessibility features to the reading experience, but Adobe Reader will. Cool PDF Reader promises more functionality that it does provide, unlike Adobe Reader does. Instead of simply performing some of the tasks it might lead you to think it provides, Cool PDF Reader bombards you with pop-up windows luring you to acquire some other PDF-related tools that do perform the function the program was supposed to provide. The first pop-up windows are truly annoying, but the next 50 or 60 are really irritating.

After playing around with all these pop-up commercials for a while, I came to the conclusion that Cool PDF Reader is but a shop window for other PDF-related utilities that are far from free.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use and design.


  • Too many annoying pop-up windows offering a wide variety of other pdf products.
  • Lack of feedback when copying text or images.
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